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Ryan Hettler

Maxwell’s on Main Beer

Maxwell's on Main

On Friday, October 16th, I received a vector art rush job at Sportswear Plus from Maxwell’s on Main. My job was to recreate the Maxwell’s on Main Beer Logo – a hybrid breed between a bear and a deer.

I am not the original artist of this logo; However, I want to go over one major challenge I have faced while recreating the logo.

T-Shirt Maxwells on Main Beer A snapshot of the t-shirt with original MOMs Beer logo.

Since the logo was not properly cured on the t-shirt, the ink on the Beer logo was chipping away. The outline around the letters is where it is most apparent.

T-Shirt MOMS Beer Logo Breaks

When I did a Trace Bitmap* in Inkscape those gaps would show up and break the logo.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a quick solution for this issue. In order to expedite the vectorization, the Draw Bezier curves and straight lines* tool with a combination of the Union* path function was needed to fill in the empty gaps. Below is the finished result:

MOMs Beer Vector

I loved the challenge I faced while creating this logo; However, with that said, I can use a beer. And by beer, I do not mean the hybrid.

* To learn more about Inkscape’s Trace Bitmap and other keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this post, see Common Inkscape Shortcut Keys