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Ryan Hettler

Common Inkscape Shortcut Keys

October 14, 2015

No Keys, No Plan

Common Inkscape Shortcut Keys that speeds up my workflow.

Note: When using a Mac, it’s important to include the fn when using any of the function keys, e.g., f1, f2, f3, etc.

Property Name Keyboard Shortcut
Select and Transform Object F1
Edit Paths by Node F2
Draw Freehand Lines F6
Draw Bezier curves and straight lines F6  Shift
Object to Path Shift  Ctrl  C
Stroke to Path Ctrl  Alt  C
Trace Bitmap Shift  Alt  B
Zoom In +
Zoom Out
Union Ctrl + +
Difference Ctrl + –
Intersection Ctrl + *
Exclusion Ctrl + Shift 6
Division Ctrl + /
Raise Page up
Lower Page Down